The Nebraska Logistics Council’s gives members new ideas and opportunities to grow in the logistics field. Members have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, striving to help logistics professionals excel in their positions. Nebraska Logistics Council operates under the umbrella of the Nebraska Trucking Association. Membership is not required to attend NLC meetings, but your company must be a member of the Nebraska Logistics Council to vote or to hold office. Nebraska Logistics Council professionals advance education and promote networking in the area of worldwide transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics. Members include corporate officers from Fortune 500 companies; account executives, logistics support staff and, one-person organizations. To become a Nebraska Logistics Council Member, please complete this membership form. 

Nebraska Logistics Council leaders promote logistics profession and education by offering on-site tours or speaking engagements. To explore this possibility email here.

Nebraska Logistics Council scholarships are awarded to high school juniors or seniors. Scholarships worth $500 will be given to the best candidate(s) chosen by the council. Applicants must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in a transportation, distribution and logistics curriculum.


The Nebraska Logistics Council Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Outing held in the fall raises funds for scholarships and other logistics promotion and activities. Funds raised are for Nebraska Logistics Council High School Scholarships, NLC Metropolitan Community College Endowed Scholarship and Transportation, Distribution, Logistics programs. 

• promote greater knowledge of logistics among its members
• foster and promote cooperation among members and exchange information, experience and ideas
 foster education and practical logistical systems to the shipping public
 develop an appreciation of the logistics profession as a motivating factor in industry for Nebraska
 teach and encourage “best practices” in logistics management
 develop educational tools for state agencies and lobbyists to encourage interest into logistics-related jobs in Nebraska
 form a professional, educational and informational council to benefit shippers, receivers, carriers, forwarders, warehouses and state economic development agencies


Lyle Jaixen, president

Mike Rogers, VP education

Pat Lodes, past president

Terry McMullen, past president

Kent Grisham, NTA president & CEO