About the Council

The Nebraska Logistics Council operates under the umbrella of the Nebraska Trucking Association. Membership is not required to attend meetings, but your company must be a member of the Nebraska Logistics Council to vote or to hold office. For more information on membership click here or for the time and location of the next monthly meeting, please call (402) 476-8504 x103 or email kent@nebtrucking.com

Your logistics center The Nebraska Logistics Council serves its members as a forum for professional and educational advancement in the area of worldwide transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics. Take this opportunity to join us for a meeting of the minds among our state’s experts in the field.

The Nebraska Logistics Council’s mission is to give members new ideas and opportunities to grow in the logistics field. Members have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, striving to help logistics professionals excel in their positions.

To become a Nebraska Logistics Council Member, please complete this NLC_MembershipFillableForm_2018.


2011 Inbound Logistics – Nebraska Special Section See our Nebraska Logistics Council Brochure (.pdf)

Sharing ideas The Nebraska Logistics Council’s mission is to give members new ideas and opportunities to grow in the logistics field. Members have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere with others who face the same challenges and goals. Our members include corporate officers from Fortune 500 companies, officers from major Nebraska companies, one person organizations, account executives and logistic support staff. The Nebraska Logistics Council programs will present leading transportation entrepreneurs, corporate logistic officers, panel discussions and tours. We plan to offer sessions in management development and thoughts from leading area business and logistic experts. In short, we strive to help the logistic manager excel in their position. We’re all in this together A recent study from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development revealed that Nebraska’s geographic center in the U.S. gives it a great advantage for transportation, warehousing, logistics and distribution projects across the world. Regardless if your primary interest is rail, trucking, air, shipping or warehousing, we all face many of the same difficulties. Joining the Nebraska Logistics Council is your invitation to grow and learn with others in logistics to share solutions and create opportunities. The Council’s Purpose:

  • To promote greater knowledge of logistics among its members by holding informational discussions
  • To foster and promote cooperation among its members and exchange information, experience and ideas
  • To foster education and practical logistical systems to the shipping public
  • To develop an appreciation of the logistics profession as a motivating factor in industry for Nebraska
  • To teach and encourage “best practices” in logistics management
  • To develop educational tools for state agencies and lobbyists to encourage more interest into logistics-related jobs in Nebraska
  • To form a professional, educational and informational council to benefit shippers, receivers, carriers, forwarders, warehousers and state economic development agencies


2017-2018 NLC Board & Advisors
Title First Last Email Role
Lyle Jaixen ljaixen@central.com Officer – President
Mike Rogers merogers@mpsomaha.org Officer – Vice-President, Education
Pat Lodes pat.lodes@dbschenker.com Officer – Past President
Ryan  Scholz ryan.scholz@nebt.com Officer – Treasurer
Officer – Secretary
Terry McMullen terrym@tlkoma.com Officer – Past President, Board of Directors
Max Mumby mmumby@electralogistics.com Officer – Past President, Board of Directors
David Billings dbillings@quickcitydelivery.com Board of Directors
David Hale david.hale@lozier.biz Board of Directors
John Lawton jlawton@mmm.com Board of Directors
Terry Lundgren tlundgren@valmont.com Board of Directors
Michael Young may@mariocamachofoods.com Board of Directors
Jeff Ziegler jziegler@nebraskawarehouse.com Board of Directors
Gerry Krolikowski gerry.krolikowski@nebraska.gov Advisor
Senator Rich Pahls rpahls@unicam.state.ne.us Advisor
Dr. Laurence Rilett lrilett2@unlnotes.unl.edu Advisor
Beverly Vonasek beverly.vonasek@nebraska.gov Advisor
Kent Grisham kent@nebtrucking.com Advisor